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We Are Baeroll

Baeroll purpose is to solve all your underarm problems!                                           
Our products are formulated with the Asian Skin in mind and carefully crafted to suit the tropical climate- how our skin reacts to heat + humidity 🌴🌞Life is too fun to miss out on just because you are afraid to sweat.

Time to fully embrace your body, baby!

100% handmade soap bar

What We Believe

We believe that everybody deserves to feel confident in their skin and have an equal opportunity to express their feelings by embracing their unique selves!

Nothing can stop you, not even sweat 🙆✨

We Have an Armpit Obsession & That’s OK!

And like everything else in your body, it thrives when bacteria are in balance 🤗

Thats why our ingredients are hand-picked to keep the good bacteria & the bad bacteria in check! So you can feel fully comfortable in your natural state, doing any activity, all day every day. Roll on, Rock on! 😎

meet the founder

Last but not least, we are so excited that you have come to this page to get to know more about us! Thank you for believing in us and we hope you will love the products as much as we do.